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How to choose a bain marie for your restaurant?

It’s hard to even imagine successfully operating a restaurant without a bain marie. For keeping food at a stable temperature, a bain marie is an invaluable tool. Although food heating appliances are most commonly referred to as bains marie, this same category can also include other food heating devices consisting of a heating element, a container and a lid. Therefore, in the Audores range of bains marie, you will not only find heating but also refrigeration tanks to keep the temperature of your products consistently low.

The most popular categories of bains marie are:

  • Electric bains marie. These bains marie are heated (or cooled) using electricity and are usually kept in kitchen areas.
  • Electric chafing dishes. This type of bains marie heat food using a combustible paste and can be placed in buffet and other spaces.
  • Soup kettles. Suitable for liquids, soup kettles are available in different capacities and are ideal for buffets or for serving business lunches in a canteen format.

So how do you choose the right bain marie for you? Let’s review the most important aspects:

Size and capacity

Perhaps the first and most important aspect of choosing a bain marie is determining the required size and capacity. We advise you to assess your kitchen space and the amount of food you are preparing in order to identify which bain marie will accommodate the number of dishes you normally serve. The Audores range includes bains marie in a variety of sizes, from compact models to larger units with stands.

For example, in the category of electric chafing dishes, the small HENDI chafing dish with a capacity of 4.5 litres will be suitable for the smallest needs, and the double FORCAR chafing dish CD 6505 or the BARTSCHER chafing dish with a capacity of 1 GN will be suitable for a large banquet.

Audores range of electric bains marie is even more varied: from the 6.8 litre HENDI bain marie in the Kitchen line to the stationary and even 1600x650x900mm Inox Baltic hot cupboard with basin SSK-16012.

Soup kettles can also be chosen by size. For example, BARTSCHER offers triple 3x3.5 litre soup kettles and Neumärker even offers 11 litre units.


There are several heating types for electric bains marie. The most common are wet heating (steam), dry heating and bains marie with heating lamps.

Audores range of electric bains marie is even more varied: from the 6.8 litre HENDI bain marie in the Kitchen line to the stationary and even 1600x650x900mm Inox Baltic hot cupboard with basin SSK-16012.

Wet heated bains marie use a water bath to keep the heat gentle and even. This method is ideal for sauces or creams as it helps to avoid overheating. An example of this type of bain marie is HENDI Thermosystem 1.

Dry-heated bains marie are suitable for dishes that require direct heat such as fried dishes. They usually have heating elements at their base or sides to provide constant and controlled heat. The Audores range includes a wide variety of this type of bains marie. However, if you have a large number of such dry-heated foods in your restaurant, we would like to recommend the BARTSCHER bain marie with stand 3x1/1GN .

Finally, bains marie with heat lamps are intended for displaying food, for example in buffet areas. Luxurious-looking bains marie such as ARISCO KBH1212 are particularly suitable for display.

Configuration and versatility

Electric bains marie and chafing dishes come in a variety of configurations, allowing them to accommodate different types of pans and cookware. You can look for bains marie with adjustable shelves, partitions and different sizes of dishes. Some units, such as ASBER DBM 411, are also suitable for integration into kitchen furniture.

Control and temperature regulation

Temperature control is essential to maintain food safety and quality. Look for bains marie with precise and user-friendly temperature control, such as thermostatic or digital control. These functions allow you to set and monitor the desired temperature.

Construction and durability

Investing in durable and long-lasting bain marie is essential for professional catering operations. Choose models made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The sturdy construction ensures that the bain marie can withstand daily use and keep your kitchen running reliably and efficiently.

All bains marie in the Audores range are tested and supplied by the world`s most trusted manufacturers. We know that there are plenty of bains marie available, so we invite you to consult with our experts to find the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

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