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Warranty policy

The terms of this warranty are valid for items purchased in all ‘Audores’, UAB shops. The warranty is effective upon the date of purchase / transfer of the item for use under the VAT invoice or the statement of transfer and acceptance of the items.

During the warranty period, the defect of the item, if it was not caused by the client, shall be eliminated only in the specialised service centre of ‘Audores’, UAB:

  • Kazlausko g. 21, Vilnius;
  • Jonavos g. 254A, Kaunas;
  • Dubysos g. 10, Klaipėda.

The transport of goods in all cases shall be paid by the buyer at his own expense when delivering the goods to the workshop. In cases, when the installation is permanently connected to power supply, water supply, sewerage and/or gas, the resulting defects shall be eliminated at the buyer’s premises. The buyer shall enable the technicians of ‘Audores’, UAB to enter the premises in order to check the item and to eliminate the defect.

In case the defect is not approved and/or is not covered by warranty obligations and free service, all costs related to transport to the service centre, fault diagnostics and repair works shall be covered by the customer.

Defects caused by the manufacturer’s fault and detected during the warranty period shall be eliminated by technicians of ‘Audores’, UAB within 1 to 3 work days, and up to 10 work days if spare parts have to be delivered from suppliers abroad.

After completion of warranty service works or replacement of a defective item with a new one, the warranty terms for the item remain valid for the remaining warranty period.

If the defect cannot be eliminated, a defective item is replaced or refunded. If a minor defect of the item is detected, the money for the item shall not be returned*.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • an item that has been mechanically damaged, disassembled, deliberately or unconsciously damaged, has fallen down, is broken or was folded;
  • an item that has been used in violation of the operating instructions and the manufacturer’s operating instructions;
  • an item that has been connected by a person who is not appropriately qualified;
  • an item that was not used for its intended purpose;
  • an item whose failure was due to the fault of the customer;
  • an item that was repaired outside a specialised service centre or not by ‘Audores’, UAB technicians;
  • an item with damaged serial stickers, seals;
  • an item, when it is not possible to identify its serial number due to a breach or other factors;
  • an item whose defect was caused by environmental factors (storm, rain, etc.), force majeure (fire, flood, etc.) or accidental external exposure (tension jump, etc.);
  • an item whose defect was due to liquids, sand, objects, insects, rodents, etc. that entered the device;
  • an item, if the customer did not submit a document confirming the purchase and sale of the item from ‘Audores’, UAB;
  • an item whose defect is due to the use of non-original, non-certified accessories, parts and materials;
  • item’s wear parts during operation (rubber, bearings, blades, handles, bulbs, filters, wires, connectors, batteries, holders, etc.), as well as freon replenishment in equipment with a refrigeration function;
  • scratches and casing dents that do not reduce the functionality of the device;
  • for dishwashers, convection oven, ice cream generator and other equipment, if the water descaling filter has not been used or is not regenerated in time and there are large amounts of lime deposits in the equipment;
  • for refrigeration equipment, if the evaporator grid has dust on it, as well as for equipment that does not receive sufficient ventilation due to improper installation or because the air inlet is covered.

Terms of warranty service

The customer can contact any ‘Audores’, UAB shop for warranty service. When delivering the item for warranty service, the customer shall provide a copy of the document confirming the purchase and sale of the product from ‘Audores’, UAB. The item is accepted for warranty service by drawing up a statement of transfer and acceptance of the item (2 copies: one for each party).

Only the customer who delivered the item for warranty service can pick it up and submit claims on the warranty obligations of the item. If the item is picked up by another person (who did not deliver the item), the statement of transfer and acceptance of the item shall indicate that the item will be picked up by a specific other person.

If the customer loses the statement of transfer and acceptance of the item, he must come to ‘Audores’, UAB shop, where he had left the item, and have a personal identification document with him.

For warranty service, the customer must deliver the item safely packed in order to avoid damage during transport. It is recommended to deliver the item in the factory packaging. When picking up the item after the warranty service, the customer shall immediately check whether the complete set of the item delivered for repair is returned to him. The seller shall not accept any claims later due to the incompleteness of the set.

The item transferred from the service centre is stored in the ‘Audores’, UAB shop for 3 months. The term starts from the date the customer is notified of the date of collection of the item. During this period, if the customer fails to pick it up, the seller has the right to no longer store the item. When the item is shipped to a specialised service centre, no replacement item is provided to the customer.

Warranty terms

‘Audores’, UAB provides a 12-month warranty period for all purchased items, except in cases, where a different warranty term is provided in the purchase and sale agreement.

* Note: When determining whether a defect of the item is insignificant, the seller takes into account the criteria for determining the low significance: he assesses, whether the defect is substantial, how long it would take to repair the item, when the defects of the item appeared(at the end of the warranty period or immediately after it was acquired), whether the item can still be used in its essence regardless the defect, how much it will cost to repair it, etc. According to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, companies do not have to compile lists of minor defects.