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Kitchen design

We create technological plans for the kitchens of restaurants, cafes and pizzerias. Are you planning to open a restaurant, cafe or a pizzeria? Or perhaps you wish to reorganise an existing one? Do you need a technological plan for the kitchen? We are here to help you. We create technological plans for storage, domestic and production premises, as well as equipment layouts for catering companies (hotels, restaurants, cafes/bars, pizzerias, etc.). Furthermore, we design ventilation hoods, as well as connections of equipment to the power, gas, water supply and sewerage systems.

Kitchen design 1

Technological designs with an explication of the premises

We will present a rational layout of the premises, to ensure it operates smoothly from the storage to the initial processing stage, and to thermal processing, until the products are delivered to your dining hall. The optimal size and proportions of the storage, production and auxiliary locations will be determined. A plan will be drawn up, including an explication of all the areas.

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Kitchen design 2

Design of the production zones

In the main production site, zoning will be indicated with an optimal distribution of the zones needed to perform individual operations: preparing semi-finished products, thermal processing, washing inventory and dishes, serving food, etc.

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Kitchen design 3

Design of the technological flow

A plan showing the flows of the raw materials, semi-finished products, prepared cold, hot and sweet dishes, dirty/clean tableware, staff and other elements will be presented. A proper distribution of the technological flows will prevent the occurrence of cross-contamination.

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Kitchen design 4

List of the technological equipment and furniture

A technical specification of all the main thermal processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, tables, sinks, washing equipment and auxiliary equipment, as well as the furniture will be presented, including the main technical characteristics; also, the positions and quantity will be specified in the drawing.

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Kitchen design 5

Design of the power supply points

The design will present the connections of all technological equipment to the power network points by specifying the exact location, height and capacity. The power network points for movable kitchen and bar equipment (small freestanding kitchen appliances) will also be specified.

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Kitchen design 6

Design of the water supply and wastewater removal points

The design of the connections of all technological equipment to the potable water points will be presented by specifying the exact location, height and diameter of the pipes. All wastewater removal points and diameters of the pipes will be specified. The planned amounts of cold/hot water consumption and the productivity of the primary treatment facilities will also be indicated.

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Kitchen design 7

Design of the technological ventilation

The quantity of air to be extracted from the technological equipment will be calculated and presented in the drawing, while the air extraction hoods will be selected and their suspension location will be specified.

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Kitchen design 8

Drawing and dimensions of the walls

The plan of the production and storage zones will include the attachments of the walls and doors, as well as their dimensions. Recommended materials will be specified for the walls and partitions.

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