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Food Preparation Machines

We provide a must-have range of food preparation machines that are ideal for helping professional kitchens to run efficiently and save precious time on getting food ready to serve. Among our selection are quality cutters, slicers, mixers, blenders, bone saws, quality mincers, ice cream makers, vacuum machines, bar blenders, stick blenders, vegetable prep machines to food processors, potato peelers, pasta machines – and we have many more products, too.


Our meat slicers and electric cheese graters aim to save you time and labour in your professional kitchen. With products from heavy-duty meat slicers to parmesan graters, you are guaranteed to find your ideal design.

Vegetable prep machines

These essential appliances can save you precious time, no matter what you need slicing, peeling, dicing, chipping or shredding. Using one of our commercial vegetable prep machines leads to consistent results, fast.

Vacuum packaging machines

A high-quality vacuum packing machine keeps food wonderfully fresh and cuts down on waste. The range includes a powerful commercial solution for you, no matter whether you need to seal cheese, meats, vegetables, soups or sauces.

Meat mincers

For chefs or butchers wanting to make the very best meat products, our range of commercial mincers can grind all sorts of meat to a variety of textures, helping you create delicious hamburgers and sausages. 


Whether you run a cafe, restaurant or bakery, you can save vast amounts of time and energy by using a professional mixer. Choosing from our range of models is guaranteed to improve efficiency and output in your establishment.

Stick blenders

Portable and versatile, the stick blender has fast become a key tool in the modern commercial kitchen. We feature top-quality hand blenders, ricers and whisks from leading brands including Waring, Dynamic, Hamilton Beach and Robot Coupe.

Kitchen blenders

Save time with a powerful and exceptionally reliable upright blender. These commercial food blenders can help you prepare huge amounts in just minutes, whether used for blending soup, crushing ice or mixing a sauce.

Cheese graters

Our cheese graters are primarily designed for grating large quantities of cheese for use in food including pizza, pasta or Mexican dishes. Many electric graters can also be used to grind breadcrumbs.

Food processors

A high-quality commercial food processor is among a kitchen’s most important appliances for saving time and money. Choose between a huge selection of powerful and efficient commercial food processors from Robot Coupe, Electrolux and more.

Meat mixers

Find your ideal machine for rapidly mixing meat, seasoning and other ingredients to produce a consistent mixture that can be used in your tasty dishes. Finished in stainless steel, these are available in different sizes and capacities.

Bone saws

Whatever you need to cut, whether fresh or frozen meat or fish, these powerful appliances will help save you time. Our professional machines offer a perfect option for butcheries, fish shops, restaurants and hotel kitchens. 

Meat tenderisers

These machines are indispensable in a professional kitchen. They tenderise meat perfectly, making the process of preparing meat dishes considerably easier. Our stock consists of manual and electric meat tenderisers.

Packing equipment

We sell top-quality packing equipment for professional kitchens. The machines can prepack, pack, and portion various bulk, powdery, and other products into bags.

Pasta machines

With our great selection of designs, you can be sure of getting exceptional quality, whatever your choice. Featuring both pasta dies and electric pasta makers, we cater to all the needs of a professional kitchen for making homemade pasta.

Potato peelers

Peel potatoes in just seconds with our professional potato peelers and rumblers. Our comprehensive selection of superfast options includes countertop and freestanding potato peelers from top brands such as Sirman and Sammic.

Sausage stuffers

Our high-quality sausage stuffers will help you make delicious home-made sausages. We offer universal, manual and hydraulic machines suitable for any commercial kitchen or butchery.

Washers, centrifuges, dryers

These machines will wash any products, from vegetables to mussels and so on. Hot air gets distributed precisely and efficiently throughout the process of drying, causing products to dry out evenly and preserve their crispiness and nutritional value.

Ice cream makers

Our commercial ice cream makers help you to produce large quantities of delicious ice creams, sorbets, frozen yoghurts and more. Perfect for cafes, restaurants and hotels, the range offers ice cream machines from top brands.

Electronic scales

These time-saving weighing machines are designed with a focus on providing precision and speed. Our electronic scales allow you to accurately weigh small and large amounts. You can choose scales with plug-in power or either. 


A must for every professional kitchen. The thermometers are of a high quality and made of premium materials, providing accurate measurements. We offer a wide selection of thermometers for freezers, coolers, food, and so on.