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Stainless Steel Furniture

Premium-quality stainless steel products, including kitchen canopies, racks, shelves, stands, tables, trolleys and bespoke equipment – you name it, we can deliver. Here you can find all you need to create an efficient, clean and reliable kitchen environment. We offer all equipment from top suppliers, including Lincat, Novameta, Parry and Vogue.

Kitchen canopies

Ensure a comfortable, safe working environment with our vast choice of commercial kitchen canopies. Models include small condenser hoods and large ducted extraction units from top brands such as Novameta and Lincat.


Create the ideal preparation and cleaning areas with our range of work benches and prep tables made from high-quality and easy-to-clean materials, helping you maintain an efficient and professional commercial kitchen.

Tables with sinks

Maintain clean and hygienic cookware, cooking equipment and crockery with our range of stainless steel sinks. Available from industry leading brands, these provide high-quality construction and reliability.

Dishwasher Tables

A recommended purchase with any warewashing unit, a dishwasher table can aid by providing a space for freshly washed racks ready for drying, reducing clutter and streamlining your kitchen's efficiency.


Perfect for restaurants, pubs and cafes, as well as hospitality and healthcare areas, our service trolleys help to speed up your food service, featuring durable and reliable designs from industry-leading brands.


Choose from a comprehensive and effective selection of Lincat, Rational branded stands and pedestals. These are all designed for stability, reliability and incredible strength, helping fulfil crucial needs in a kitchen.

Modular shelving kits

Ensure your stock rooms and storage areas are easy to use and keep food fresh with our durable modular shelving kits. These can be customised to help store anything from fruit and potatoes to meat and drinks.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves will be an excellent addition to the workspace in your kitchen. They can be installed on a wall in a desirable and suitable place for work, and the stainless-steel structure will guarantee easy maintenance and hygiene of the shelves.

Hand wash basins

Keep your hands clean and free from germs with our range of high-quality, practical hand wash sinks from industry-leading brands. These are perfect for use in any commercial kitchen or back-of-house area.

Bar equipment

Our stainless-steel range features a variety of high-quality and long-life bar equipment, such as a cartridge table with a frame, a cocktail shaker table, an ice table with a shelf, a water collection table, or a drawer for the coffee grinder.