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Projects completed

„SERVANTAS“ catering service

Represented by Horeca Consulting, the Servantas brand offers a catering service for banquets and receptions. The project saw the installation of a one-piece state-of-the-art PALUX work surface. On it, every piece of equipment necessary to carry out daily tasks was installed based on the client’s specifications. Another machine that helps ensure efficient work and achieve a sparkling cleanness in the kitchen is the highly versatile and powerful, yet efficient and compact dishwasher GRANULE SMART. Convection ovens and an autoclave from PALUX serve as a guarantee of the quality of Servantas’s catering service, while stainless-steel products from NOVAMETA ensure that everything in the kitchen is done with a high degree of comfort and convenience.


„Sushi out“ Restaurant

Sushi Out, which spoils sushi lovers in Palanga with quality fish and gourmet flavour combinations, has chosen AUDORES kitchen and bar equipment for its restaurant kitchen. To ensure that the kitchen staff of Sushi Out can produce fresh food at peak times, we have installed modern solutions in the restaurant`s kitchen, including SAMAREF refrigeration appliances, a powerful KASTEL ice maker, BARTSCHER rice cookers and induction hobs, and an advanced MACH utensil washer. See the solutions, selected for Sushi Out in the project video.

Sushi out

„Lunch‘up“ Restaurant

Lunch‘Up is a modern chain of restaurants for those in a rush and working people, who want to get the best quality food for a quick and delicious lunch. It is common for the average working person to have a 1 hour lunch break. Lunch‘Up is designed so that they can spend as little time as possible on lunch – just 15 minutes – and use their remaining free time for other activities. This efficient result has been achieved through the maximum kitchen organisation and the introduction of technological innovations. Are you wondering how this process works?

A customer orders food on a tablet and can pick up their meal in a minute or less, which arrives on a conveyor belt. It is important to emphasise that these are not preheated, semi-finished products. All the food comes directly from combination ovens and industrial cookers. Our food products meet the highest quality standards and are carefully selected. The main task is modernity and efficiency. Given the high flow of customers and the modest area of ​​our restaurant, it was important to make the most of the available space while still employing a wide range of kitchen equipment: industrial fridges, freezers, induction cookers, combination ovens and other items. Ensuring proper ventilation was a crucial aspect.

By combining all these processes and refining our ideas, we gradually achieved the desired outcome. We are proud to have contributed to the implementation of this idea. We believe that the high-quality Lunch‘Up fast food restaurants will continue growing, and we are looking forward to contributing to the further development of this project!

Lunch UP

„Baltas tiltas food hall“

This is the place of various restaurants in Vilnius on the "Baltas tiltas". From now on, it is an active leisure area, but also a new gastronomic space, intended for both people in a hurry and working people who want a delicious and quick lunch, as well as for impressive dinners with friends or cocktail evenings in the city. It is a place where different world cuisines and the best flavors are intertwined. We are happy to contribute to the implementation of this project by providing kitchen equipment for many restaurants under one roof. In cooperation with kitchen owners and chefs, we installed equipment from well-known manufacturers from all over the world, such as "Fimar" or "Asber" and many others, whose quality and durability ensure the excellent operation of the food hall.

„Flow“ Restaurant

Situated amidst spectacular scenery, the hotel, cherishing traditions and hospitality, is like a jewel of Plungė town. Right next to the Oginskis Manor Park you will also find the luxurious, cozy and uniquely designed Flow Restaurant overlooking the waterfall. The restaurant is characterized by authentic and elegant décor and a superb selection of dishes inspired by cuisines from all over the world. The restaurant's smooth operation is guaranteed by the quality and durability of the equipment from world famous manufacturers such as Palux, Asber, ATA, Mach and many others. Our team was entrusted with a really challenging task to arrange the equipment in such a way that every inch of the professional kitchen is used productively.


„AMANDUS“ Restaurant

AMANDUS Restaurant, located in bohemian Užupis, has already captured the hearts of discerning gourmets with its culinary masterpieces featuring Scandinavian cuisine. Visitors from all over the world can forget their worries and enjoy the meals created by Chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, who has repeatedly been chosen as the best chef in Lithuania. Professional kitchen equipment from Palux, Asber, Lavezzini and other manufacturers helps to create the amazing and exclusive flavours found in the AMANDUS kitchen. At the heart of the restaurant’s kitchen is a PALUX combination oven. This combination oven and the other AMANDUS kitchen equipment not only helps the chef to maintain the same quality of meals at all times, but also guarantees a cooking process without surprises. A dish will always turn out exactly as the chef and, of course, the restaurant’s customers expect – with great quality and the aroma of home. “What I cook not only needs to be delicious, but also interesting. Amandus is the place where I apply my knowledge and experience, to work and to playfully improvise every day. The Amandus kitchen is exactly the way I like it, and I believe this is what makes our guests happy,” said D. Praspaliauskas.


Restaurant „SUGAMOUR“

It is a posh restaurant of sophisticated elegance in the Kaunas Akropolis, one that stands out in its inimitable interior. It provides an impressive backdrop for the guests to enjoy a top-chef dessert, as well as a gourmet breakfast, a satisfying lunch, or a lovely dinner. The impeccable and intoxicating flavours at Sugamour are created with the assistance of professional equipment from PALUX, Asber, Lincat, Lavezzini, and other brands.


Restaurant/hotel „Amsterdam Plaza“ (+5*)

It is a cosy hotel and a very luxurious restaurant of European cuisine that was launched in Palanga in the summer of 2019. The superb food, the high quality of service, and the impressive interior create an unforgettable experience for every visitor. The kitchen at the Amsterdam Plaza is equipped with top-of-the-range kitchenware from PALUX, Asber, Lincat, Lavezzini, and other brands, ensuring smooth operation when it comes to designing unique dishes.

Amsterdam Plaza

„Paupio turgus“

As one of the largest and most unique food halls in Lithuania, Paupio Turgus offers its guests a choice of 16 restaurants, as well as several food shops and bars. It was our honour to contribute to this project by installing several of the restaurant kitchens! Our task was to install equipment in several restaurants at the Paupio Turgus food hall, while ensuring modernity and efficiency. The restaurants in this food hall are small, so every centimetre counts. We provided a wide range of kitchen equipment including industrial refrigerators and freezers, as well as counter fridges for cooking, WOK grills, induction cookers and other equipment. We paid special attention to the removal of steam, because the kitchens of the restaurants are open so that visitors can see inside and watch how the unique food is prepared.

Paupio turgus

A new catering project was implemented in an international company based in Lithuania

The project was implemented together with our partner – UAB NOVAMETA. As a result, a professional kitchen was installed along with a 22-metre self-service food dispensing line. By considering the requirements of the client and the customers that needed to be served, a solution was found with a professional self-service line that includes a tray and plate dispenser, refrigerated top plates, soup bain maries and refrigerated salad bain maries. There are also heated bain maries with automatic water refilling, temperature controls, and heating from above and below, as well as a pastry display. The kitchen has been equipped with stainless steel products from NOVAMETA. In order to ensure complete convenience, many non-standard solutions were designed for the customer’s premises, which helped to maintain solid surfaces with as few joins as possible. The kitchen was equipped with two professional Palux convection ovens for cooking (baking and steaming), as well as a Lincat convertible pan for frying large quantities of food, and a Berto’s cooker to ensure a continuous production process. Asber refrigerators and freezers were chosen that meet the 2020 EU standards regarding the use of freon. These models have already provided added value for the client, since GN containers can be fitted directly inside them. The kitchen will also be equipped with a Mach utensil washer. This powerful device can quickly wash and dry hundreds of different pots, pans, bowls and more.

Implemented a project in the largest high-tech manufacturing company in Lithuania

One of the biggest companies in Lithuania responsible for creating scientific products and services is now enjoying a brand new and modern catering establishment. As the site needed to provide lunch for over 1000 people, a smooth and efficient performance was the priority. In order to achieve this, the exceptionally convenient professional equipment from Bertos, Palux, Zanussi and Robotcoupe were chosen for this project, to ensure a durable and continuous workflow. The new catering establishment also has an unconventional double Novameta serving line, which allows for a large reduction of the time that customers spend waiting in line. In order to ensure a fast and convenient dishwashing process, the company selected the powerful Winterhalter conveyor dishwasher that is connected to the recycling zone.

„Sushi Namai“ – a Japanese food restaurant

If you want to serve sushis of a truly exceptional quality and taste, you will need not only a skilful chef but also a solid kitchen equipment. Sushi Namai, a popular sushi restaurant in Klaipėda, has all the necessary professional kitchen equipment. It includes special rice cookers, induction hobs, WOKs, stainless steel tables and shelves, an ice maker, fridges and freezers for product storage, as well as other equipment. Although the kitchen is compact, we equipped it with all the professional kitchen devices that are essential for making exotic Japanese-style dishes. Professional restaurant equipment often positively affects the efficiency and speed of kitchen operations. We are glad to be able to contribute to the daily work and development of such an ambitious restaurant.

Sushi namai

Restaurant „deCuba“

It is a stylish and cosy restaurant on J. Basanavičiaus street in the heart of Palanga. deCuba covers a space of more than 1,000 sq. m2 and can seat 600 guests. During the warm season, visitors at the restaurant can enjoy a vast summer terrace and a marvellous garden with 400 comfortable seats. deCuba’s kitchen is equipped with professional, top-quality equipment from PALUX, Germany. This equipment guarantees a smooth kitchen operation just as it helps the chefs create inimitable culinary masterpieces.