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Beverage Machines

Our range includes everything from a vast selection of milk shakers, percolators, water boilers, juice dispensers, slush machines and coffee grinders to the best quality juicers and coffee machines on the market for your kitchen or bar. These are supplied from top beverage equipment brands such as Hamilton Beach, Sirman, Santos, Astoria, Lincat, Roband, Sammic, Ugolini and many more.

Milk shakers

A professional milk shaker saves time, produces great results, and is ideal for front-of-house use. Our range of single, dual and triple-head models includes products from Fimar, Sammic, Waring, Buffalo, Santos, Hamilton and more.

Bar blenders

This range includes first-rate bar blenders and smoothie makers ideal for professional use. Whether you’re blending cocktails or fruits, or crushing ice, our powerful commercial blenders can be used to make large quantities in minutes.


The juicers we offer include specialist citrus and centrifugal machines from respected brands. These highly efficient and reliable appliances can withstand continuous production and allow every last drop of juice to be squeezed from fruit and vegetables.

Juice dispensers

A commercial juice dispenser is the perfect appliance for displaying your beverages in an appealing way and keeping them wonderfully chilled. Use it to showcase your juices attractively at front of house or in your breakfast service. 

Coffee and espresso machines

The smell of freshly coffee is one of the most popular methods of bringing customers through the door. Use professional coffee machine to offer perfect tasty coffee for your costumers. Ideal for cafes, bars and restaurants. 

Coffee bean grinders

Our professional coffee bean grinders will help you get top-class results from your coffee. Provided by top brands such as Fracino, Santos and Bravilor, this huge selection of blade and burr grinders ensures fresh, great-tasting coffee every time.

Ice Crushers

Our stock includes high-quality, durable ice crushers specifically designed for professional application. Doesn’t matter if you are making drinks, blending fruit, or crushing ice: they are perfectly cut for the job.

Manual fill boilers

Being highly portable and versatile, a manual fill boiler or tea urn is perfect for the caterer on the move, or where mains water is limited. We have an extensive and comprehensive range, with models from top brands.


Designed to keep coffee rich-tasting, hot and ready to serve for long periods, coffee percolators are as popular as ever, and offer flexibility to the professional caterer. Browse our selection of quality percolators from Caterlite, Buffalo, Hatco and many more.


We offer a wide range of professional thermoses for cafes, bars, restaurants, and other catering establishments. Choose the right volume and size based on your individual needs.