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Outdoor Catering Equipment

If your business is located outdoors or you are making snacks, and you are looking for professional outdoors catering equipment, we highly recommend to choose it from our range. In our store you can buy electric crepe machines, sugar wool machines, gas burners, sherbet, popcorn production machines, nut toasters, chocolate fountains, waffle makers and etc..

Slush Machines

The commercial slush machine makes perfect slushed ice drinks, whether used to promote sales of sweet slush or as part of a bar menu of alcoholic slushies and cocktails. Give your customers a tasty, refreshing drink with these high-quality slush makers.

Waffle Makers

A professional waffle maker is the perfect machine for producing high-margin, deliciously crispy square or Belgian waffles. This range includes single or dual-plate waffle irons from top brands such as Neumärker, Buffalo, Dualit, JM Posner and Roller Grill.

Crepe Makers

Offer your customers a delicious and varied selection of pancakes with a crepe maker that matches your individual commercial needs, choosing from a gas or electric model. Perfect for the busy cafe or mobile caterer.

Candy floss machines

A perfect addition to a summer day, candy floss is a timeless treat. Ideal for outdoor caterers, cinemas and retro-style cafes and restaurants, these devices can produce masses of sweet candy in minimal time.

Popcorn Machines

Commercial popcorn machines are fantastic at making salt or sweet popcorn. Designed for frequent use, they can produce high volumes of delicious popcorn, and are perfect for use in theatres or cinemas, or at festivals.

Chocolate Fountains

A professional chocolate fountain can make all the difference in special event catering. Available in a variety of sizes, stylish chocolate cascades can form a centrepiece in large spreads or part of an all-you-can eat buffet.

Gas burners

Outdoor gas cookers are an excellent choice for cooking outdoors. The sturdy structure is capable of supporting heavy weight with a high degree of stability. We recommend the cookers to organisers of large-scale events, parties, and so on.

Patio heaters

A patio heater can turn your outdoor spaces into must-visit nightspots. Perfect for long summer evenings and shorter winter ones alike, our patio heater collection features commercial-strength outdoor heaters and table top patio heaters.