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Choose from an array of heavy-duty and versatile restaurant cookware, available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron. Whether you need boilers, pots, non-stick pans or Pyrex roasting dishes, we have an extensive collection of items for you to choose from.

Professional saucepans

Saucepans are crucial items for use in any kitchen. Our selection of professional stainless steel and aluminium saucepans have been designed to conduct and distribute heat evenly and quickly to give perfect results every time.

WOK pans

Woks are designed for cooking large quantities of food on high heat. Varying in size, these skillets can be used with induction stoves or wok cookers.

Paella pans

Our assortment of paella skillets will allow you to pick the right size. The materials the skillets are made from distribute the heat evenly, and polished steel handles provide heat protection.

Cast iron cookware

Prepare delicious dishes in traditional cast iron cookware. Our range includes skillets, sizzlers and griddle pans covering a wealth of dishes such as steak and fajitas to suit your menu.


Crockery is a staple of any casual or fine-dining restaurant. So make sure that you choose professional-quality goods, with our range of crockery sets. Each crockery set is crafted with style, durability and practicality in mind – allowing you to spruce-up your dining areas with long-lasting plates, bowls and cups.


Cutlery can make an important statement on any table setting. This extensive range of high-quality,
expertly designed stainless steel catering cutlery sets from world leading brands, ideal for use in establishments such as restaurants, hotels and cafés, as well as at home.

Chef knives

Kitchen knives for professional kitchens are designed for cutting various foods. The knives are made of high-quality materials - they are light, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant, so the food that is going to be cut, does not stick to them.

Service trays

Serving trays are essential for any restaurant, bar, hotel, school or canteen. These catering trays have useful features such as large handles and non-slip surfaces that make it easy for your staff and customers to carry food or drink.

Cutting board

From slicing fruit and vegetables to raw meat, dairy products and fish this variety of cutting board includes all you need to create a safe, hygienic cutting platform in a commercial kitchen or domestic setting. 


The range of accessories features ashtrays of different sizes and shapes, hand-dryers, bug-catchers, cheque-holders. These accessories will complement your work or home space perfectly.