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Induction cookers – what are they for?

The application of electromagnetic laws in restaurants has enabled modern chefs to use equipment that makes cooking both faster and more convenient. We have in mind induction cookers and hobs, which have become a popular choice for professional chefs and home kitchens alike, thanks to their precise control, energy efficiency and fast heating. In this article, we will give you an overview of the induction equipment available in the AUDORES e-shop and will help you to choose the most suitable devices using this technology.

How does an induction cooker work?

A copper coil, alternating current and an inverter are the three things that make it possible to install induction equipment in home and restaurant kitchens. With an induction cooker, the interaction of these elements generates heat directly in the induction dish – the cookers transfer the heat directly to the pot or pan, resulting in faster and more efficient cooking with precise temperature control.

What induction devices are available at AUDORES?

  • Induction hobs. Just like other hobs, induction hobs can be placed on the tabletop. In our shop, you`ll find hobs from the world`s most trusted manufacturers, from Zanussi to Bartscher to Fimar.
  • Induction cookers. The induction cooker with stand can be conveniently positioned anywhere in the kitchen. AUDORES offers induction cookers with 2 to 6 burners.
  • Induction WOK cookers and hobs. Please take a look at the Nayati WOK cooker, which includes a special container for the WOK pan and a 9L soup pot. This device also has an integrated tap. Induction WOK hobs can be found in the Induction hobs section.
  • Induction food warmers. Induction food warmers from Berner allow you to adjust the heat level with extreme precision and maintain the desired temperature of the meals in an energy-efficient way.

Benefits of an induction cooker

  • Speed and efficiency. Induction hobs heat up much faster than other types of hobs, reducing the cooking time and saving energy. Induction also enables you to quickly adjust the temperature.
  • Workplace safety. Induction hobs are safer because their surface stays cool, reducing the risk of burns on contact. In addition, most models are equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off and pan detection to ensure optimal user protection.
  • Easy to clean. As induction hobs do not heat up, spills or splashes are less likely to stick to the surface. In busy restaurant kitchens, this means less time spent cleaning.
  • Energy efficiency. Induction hobs are energy efficient because they heat the cookware directly instead of wasting heat into the environment, which reduces electricity costs and environmental impact.

What to consider when choosing one?

  • Capacity and size. Induction cookers and hobs come in a wide range of capacities and sizes – choose according to how many burners you need.
  • Control. Professional use will benefit from the intuitive control of advanced features such as temperature settings, timer and power control.
  • Safety. It is essential that the induction cooker or hob has safety features such as a child lock if purchased for a home kitchen, overheating protection and residual heat indicators.
  • Cookware. Induction cookers require cookware with a magnetic base. You can buy them in the AUDORES shop. In the Cookware section, you`ll find a wide range of pots and pans suitable for use on induction cookers. Once purchased, remember to protect them from scratches, as induction requires an undamaged surface.

If you have already decided to buy an induction cooker or hob for the kitchen of your catering establishment, let the professionals at AUDORES help you to make the right choice.

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