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How to employ an combi oven at night?

Convection oven is the main professional kitchen appliance, it is worth investing and deserves due regard. It is suitable for a variety of dishes and heat treatment processes. The appliance can be used for baking and steaming or in a combined mode with moisture setting, thus reducing nutrient loss and cooking time, while cooking more evenly without drying out the product.

Since the device is truly versatile, it is useful to thoroughly study the operating instructions and understand all of its features. For example, the slow cooking at low temperatures function of a convection oven is still rarely used. This useful function is suitable not only for meat steaks, but also for fish and vegetables. Baking or boiling at low temperatures does not break down proteins, and this allows serving highest quality dishes.

Night mode

When having to boil many products at low temperatures in one go (‘sous vide’), the oven may serve as a circulator, that is why it is important to plan the boiling times during off-peak hours or to employ the oven... at night.

‘It’s no secret to any chef that the night is a very productive time that can be used in the kitchen. Therefore, if you have a good smart oven, you have to employ it to the fullest’, says Deivydas Praspaliauskas, the representative of Scandinavian cuisine, the founder of the restaurant ‘Amandus’.

If you purchased an innovative oven that is safe to leave overnight, we urge you to take this useful feature into account when creating your menu. By leaving the oven to work overnight you can increase the productivity.

Tips from D. Praspaliauskas

When baking different ingredients at the same temperature all night, it’s easy to prepare for the next day’s cooking. D. Praspaliauskas shares an example from his kitchen: one of the many possible scenarios on how to attune your oven work, when preparing a dish with sweet potato puree, ‘Granny Smith’ apple and white onion jam, eggplants and carrots.

‘Firstly, sweet potatoes are prepared adding beef broth. Separately, the eggplant is rubbed with garlic paste and truffle oil, then seasoned with salt and pepper. Onions and apples are cut to prepare the onion jam, adding a little bit of honey and vinegar, sprinkling with salt and pepper. Finally, the carrots are cut in half and seasoned with sunflower seed butter. Each of these assortments is vacuumed separately. Then everything goes straight into the oven, and shall stay there overnight at 90 °C and 80% humidity. Once we arrive at work, we can make whatever we wish from the prepared ingredients!’, advises the chef of the restaurant Amandus.