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Combination ovens: precision is key

“One of the most important items of equipment in a restaurant is the combination oven. Every chef prefers working with good equipment, because modern appliances are smart. This makes the work significantly easier and, of course, it helps to achieve the best results,” said Deivydas Praspaliauskas, a representative of Scandinavian cuisine and founder of the restaurant Amandus.

A high-quality combination oven is a worthwhile investment. It can be used to prepare almost anything: vegetables, meat and fish dishes, garnishes, casseroles and pies. This type of oven is equipped with a powerful fan and exhaust system that promotes the circulation of hot air, so that it maintains a uniform temperature and humidity. As a result, it ensures a smooth process when cooking large quantities of food. Just like conventional ones, combination ovens can be either gas or electric, they come in various sizes and have different functions.


D. Praspaliauskas uses a Palux combination oven. He noted its capabilities and technological solutions that facilitate his everyday work.

“One of the most unique features is the option to create your own recipe book, with a default cooking process for each dish. Once you put products into the oven, all it takes is just one press of a button. All you need to do is choose how it should be prepared. Consequently, your kitchen team can relax and make productive use of their time by preparing other meals or sides,” the Amandus founder explained.

Functions of the Palux oven

The most important thing in a professional restaurant is having an item of equipment that allows you to accurately set the time, humidity and temperature settings. The features of Palux ovens are as follows:

  • The option to program the entire cooking process and to hand-pick the preparation functions. “The settings allow you to select the required humidity, temperature and cooking duration. When you are operating the oven, it’s easy to check which stage of preparation is taking place at any given time,” Chef D. Praspaliauskas added.
  • The option to precisely control the temperature is especially important in the kitchens of catering establishments, where even the slightest nuances make a difference. “For example, you can set it to 143 °C, if this is exactly the temperature you need to cook your steak,” said the Amandus chef.
  • Precise humidity levels.
  • Another useful feature is the internal thermometer integrated into the oven. This allows you to set the goal internal temperature of a product. Once it reaches that temperature, the cooking is considered to be done. The cooking process will take exactly as long as it takes to reach the set internal temperature of the product.
  • One of the most convenient features is the option to change the fan speed. Deivydas offered the following advice: you can use a very intense setting when cooking meat, but when you’re making something more brittle, you can keep the fan speed to a minimum.

A combination oven typically lasts for about 10 years. It’s a reliable kitchen partner since it not only bakes and cooks, but also cleans itself after work. 99% of restaurants would have difficulty running their kitchens without this piece of equipment.