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KOPA dual-function charcoal grill ovens

Dual-function, durable, low-charcoal appliance with automatic controls – these are the keywords that best describe the Kopa charcoal grill oven.

Kopa is a great combination of a charcoal grill and an oven. A controlled charcoal combustion process prevents flames from erupting, so the surface of the food does not burn. The high-quality insulation system ensures speed and dishes with an exclusive taste, so a juicy meal with a mild smoky aroma can quickly be prepared.

If you are planning to open a barbecue restaurant, two functions of this oven are extremely important: the maintenance costs are almost two times lower than those of comparable equipment; and this oven will allow you to cook much faster. With this device, the possibilities are endless: grilled dishes are extremely juicy and offer exquisite tastes and aromas. In addition, grilling is not limited to the summer, so grill enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite dishes all year round. For these reasons, Kopa is a piece of equipment that can become the conceptual core of an entire restaurant.


The history of KOPS PRO d.o.o dates back to 1972, when the company started manufacturing sheet metal products. In order to bring something special to the market, the company embraced a number of technological challenges. Prior tin manufacturing experience led to the birth of a technological solution in the field of professional kitchen equipment, which became the pride of the company – a charcoal grill oven. The device features energy efficiency and an elegant design.

Lower charcoal consumption

Compared to other ovens of the same capacity, as well as open coal grills, Kopa has an important advantage – it saves both energy and operating costs, as its charcoal consumption is 45% lower.

High quality results

The innovative design offers a wide range of cooking options, and with the touch of a single button it becomes a barbecue-smokehouse. Whether you prefer to cook slow-grilled meat, smoked fish or ribs, sausages or vegetables, the resulting dish with remain juicy and be filled with a smoky aroma. All that is due to the oven’s excellent insulation and heat retention properties that ensure an even heat distribution. If the meat needs to be particularly juicy (for example, when you are making burgers), you should cook at a temperature of over 300 °C. Afterwards, once the grill has cooled down, you can make vegetable dishes and concentrate on the exquisite flavours that are unique to your restaurant.


The Kopa charcoal oven saves time, as it allows you to cook dishes up to 30% faster when compared to an open charcoal grill. For example, it takes only 4 minutes to prepare a 350 g (4 cm) beef steak.

Ergonomic solution

Kopa has an ergonomic design that combines an eye-catching appearance with superb functionality. This oven can be more than just an element of the kitchen, as it can also become a design feature of a restaurant or terrace. These charcoal ovens are also known for their easy maintenance. The automatic control unit provides the freedom to change the operation of the appliance from a grill to an oven extremely quickly.

Audores is the official representative of the Kopa dual-function charcoal grill ovens in Lithuania. Therefore we can provide you with services that meet the requirements of the brand, while paying personal attention to your needs and offering a fast delivery.