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Palux combi ovens

Every chef who has knowledge of professional kitchen equipment can tell you that a good combination oven is characterized by three main features: convenient operations, efficiency and reliability. When installing professional kitchens, it is a common mistake to economize on the convection ovens; however, that is a short-sighted solution. Every convection oven must be reliable and should provide the chef with greater freedom while the food is being prepared.

A number of manufacturers currently produce combination ovens, as they are one of the most popular items of restaurant equipment.

Why should you choose a Palux combination oven?

1. Palux is a German manufacturer. It can be described in two words: “German quality”. The Germans are the undisputed leaders in this market.

2. They are experienced manufacturers and suppliers. In fact, Palux has been manufacturing professional kitchen equipment since 1929. During its hundred years of operations, the manufacturer has faced many obstacles, but it managed to keep going and gained invaluable experience along the journey.

3. Innovative technological solutions. A century of experience + modern technologies = Palux equipment. The combination ovens, like other Palux equipment, are known to be easy to operate. The ovens can also be connected to a computer for quick diagnostics and to change the required settings.

4. They have an extremely large capacity. Palux's motto is “Greater freedom”! That means this professional kitchen equipment not only saves space, but also provides the chef with more freedom to exercise his imagination. When the kitchen is uncluttered with fewer ovens, there is more space for gastronomic experiments to take place.

5. Durable technology Palux is only interested in developing equipment that chefs will be able to use for a long time. As a result, these great investments will pay off in the first year. Palux combination ovens are only one part of the product range available from this German company.

One of the most popular combi ovens is the Palux E611 QL.

The Palux E611 QL combination oven is one of the most popular and versatile ovens, since it is suitable for almost any professional kitchen. There are two types of E611 QL ovens – Basic and Comfort models. The main difference lies in the control menu. The Basic version has 4 cooking programmes, while the Comfort version has as many as 9 programmes and comes with a recipe book.

What is so exceptional about E611 QL combi oven?

  • The baking sheets can be placed both transversely and longitudinally. This helps a chef to prepare more dishes at one time and keep them warm.
  • A large door means that all of the food being prepared can be seen clearly.
  • Crosswise insertion space for 6 GN 2/1 and GN 1/1 racks. The maximum space between trays is about 67 mm. Both GN 1/1 and 2/1 sheets can be used.
  • Modes of operation: dry baking, steam baking, steam cooking, re-heating and 9 standard cooking methods.
  • Multi-Point core temperature probe.
  • CombiStep 4-step preparation function.
  • Built-in pull-out washing nozzle.
  • Steam emissions: 2.92 kg/h.
  • Temperature range: 30-250 °C Adjustable humidity: 0-100%.
  • A large touchscreen display helps the chef to operate the convection oven.
  • Includes a fully automatic cleaning system.
  • The standard door is installed on the right, but there is an option to install the door on the left.
  • 5 programmable fan speeds as well as an auto-reverse fan rotation function.
  • Energy saving mode. In the cooking chamber, the preheating and cooling is done using the residual heat to save energy. The power capacity of the oven is 11 kW.
  • Plates are heated using a banquet system. Fits 24 plates up to 32 cm in diameter.
  • An additional hood can be installed.
  • These ovens can even be stacked on top of each other, to save more precious kitchen space.
  • Lithuanian control menu.

Since Palux combination ovens are fast and easy to clean, the ovens can be quickly prepared for the next session.

Chefs throughout Lithuania are giving positive feedback about these combination ovens that they will continue to use for many years.