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Cook culinary masterpieces at home with professional catering equipment

More than a year ago, the State Food and Veterinary Service simplified the requirements for cooking food at home. Since then, we have seen more private individuals choosing to cook with professional catering equipment. This has created an opportunity for chefs to evaluate and develop their current skills. Many individuals subsequently decide to develop their own catering business and fulfil a unique niche in the country’s culinary market.

Audores has been selling restaurant equipment for over a decade, and can offer customers a wide range of modern, functional appliances needed in a home kitchen. Private individuals are usually seeking to purchase a variety of baking, cooking and heating equipment, as well as refrigeration appliances, food preparation machines, and so on.

Making baking and cooking at home more convenient

For those interested in cooking from a private household, one of the most popular appliances is a professional convection oven. These ovens are most commonly used to make various pastries including cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods. Since smaller amounts of food are prepared at home than in catering establishments, such customers tend to look for smaller and less powerful ovens. It is important to note that a good convection oven should include cooking, steaming and baking functions.

Convection ovens are a convenient appliance to ensure an even bake and a healthy result cooking. In addition, this device cooks quickly – as much as 25% faster than a conventional oven – providing reduced energy costs and saving time. Although these appliances are typically made for professional kitchens, Audores offers a range of compact, but just as functional, convection ovens. Those who only need to bake small amounts can purchase a 4 tray convection oven, while there are also 6 or 7 tray convection ovens available for those interested in baking larger volumes.

We have noticed there is currently a trend for private customers to choose fryers, induction hobs and industrial stoves for cooking larger quantities of food at home. All of this professional equipment can be combined to create an easy, smooth and fast production process.

Advanced refrigeration equipment for cooking at home

Although home cooking is generally limited to small quantities, a variety of refrigeration equipment is still needed. Our private customers typically purchase small industrial refrigerators or freezers to freeze food or to store products that are already frozen.

By evaluating the available space in a kitchen and the types of food planned to be produced, a home cook can choose from the wide range of refrigeration equipment available at Audores, where there are refrigerators, cabinet freezers and chest freezers of various sizes and capacities. These high- quality devices have been selected on the basis of their durability, longevity and functionality. They are also easy to clean and maintain. In addition, this professional equipment will provide economic and power-saving benefits.

Designed for an efficient cooking process

Private customers are often investing in professional mixers, slicers, meat mincers and other food preparation equipment for their home cooking projects. These items should not only feature quality and durability, but should also be relied on for functionality and ease-of-use.

Audores offers compact spiral mixers for hard dough, while for mixing softer dough, the company has a wide variety of planetary mixers available from reliable manufacturers. These appliances ensure that any dough reaches the right consistency, which is impossible to achieve when mixing by hand. They also save time and do not take up much space in the kitchen.

Audores offers many items including industrial meat mincers, vegetable slicers and whisks for cooking at home. With the appliances, food production at home becomes a lot easier, allowing you to make a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, and these tools are guaranteed to last for many years.

If you have any questions regarding the selection, use or maintenance of professional cooking equipment, please contact the Audores team. Our experienced and qualified specialists will be happy to answer all of your questions, or will arrange a consultation to help you make the right decisions.