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Griddle plate – a functional appliance for the professional kitchen

These convenient and functional griddle plates are designed for catering establishments, where they are used to make various meat, fish, vegetable and other dishes. The appliances can be purchased from manufacturers such as Lincat, Palux, Berner, Fimar, Primax and others. However, one should always consider the required type, power and size of the griddle plate, as well as finding a reliable retailer who can offer the best value for money.

Types of griddle plates

Currently, there are two types of griddle plates available – electric and gas griddle plates. The differences between these appliances are not significant, since both will ensure a smooth and safe cooking process. Therefore, the choice depends on whether the catering establishment uses gas appliances or there is a chance to install a gas supply, or whether all of the appliances need to be electric.

Griddle plates can also be stationary, i.e. installed on the ground or on a countertop. The latter type is more compact and takes up less space, but it will not always provide the same level of functionality as a larger stationary appliance. It is vital to consider what type of appliance is suited to your needs and where will you put it when planning the layout of your commercial kitchen. If you have any questions regarding the planning and installation of your kitchen, contact the experienced Audores team. We are always ready to arrange a consultation and to answer your questions.

Production materials

Another important criterion to consider when choosing a griddle plate is its composition. The griddle plates made by trustworthy global companies are composed of extra high-quality stainless steel. When choosing an appliance, it is important to consider the reputation of the manufacturer.

High-quality materials will guarantee that the griddle plate has the desired endurance and corrosion resistance, while contributing to an aesthetic appearance and easy maintenance. A convenient cooking process is provided by chrome-plated surfaces that will not become sticky and help to prevent food residue.

The right size and power

The choice of the right griddle plate is also determined by the volume of cooking that will take place in the catering establishment. Selecting an appliance of the appropriate power and size will depend on how often it is likely to be used.

In addition to the size, these devices differ by their measurements and the number of cooking zones. Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider the kind of appliance you need. A properly selected griddle plate will be more productive, last longer, and will allow for more efficient use of your energy resources.

A professional team can help you make the right choice

Audores offers one of the widest ranges of griddle plates in Lithuania, designed for cafes, restaurants, bars and other catering establishments. The company’s selection of appliances includes electric and gas griddle plates from the most reputable and well-known manufacturers around the world.

Qualified Audores specialists are always available to offer advice about the use of the appliance and maintenance tips, as well as to provide professional repair services for catering companies.