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Commercial fryers: what are the best options?

High quality, functional and compact industrial fryers are among the great assets for many catering establishments. They create a time and energy efficient solution while saving a lot of space. These professional devices can be relied on delivering a wide variety of delicious dishes to your clientele.

In order to select the most suitable device, it is important to evaluate and consider the following criteria:

  • size and power,
  • capacity (in litres),
  • reliability of the manufacturer,
  • additional functionalities,
  • maintenance features.

The right size provides the greatest efficacy

Before purchasing a professional fryer, it is important to assess the right size and choose the power level that fits your needs. By evaluating the menu and planned customer flow of your catering establishment, it is possible to determine whether a small single-tank or a larger twin-tank fryer is preferable.

Industrial fryers also differ in terms of their litre capacity and power. You may not be planning to fry many crispy snacks if you own a small café or a bar, so it is not necessary to invest in a powerful, expensive device if a 2 or 4 litre fryer is sufficient. However, if you are planning to fry large amounts of fries, meat snacks, donuts and similar items, it may be better to purchase a powerful fryer with a larger capacity. If the litre capacity of your fryer needs to be over 10 litres, a 3-phase device is recommended.

Industrial fryers that are reliable and convenient

In order to ensure more convenient operations, many manufacturers have added additional components and functions. Most modern industrial fryers have temperature control functions and systems to protect against overheating. These features ensure a smooth cooking process but also provide added safety while using the device.

If your catering establishment uses a large amount of oil, there are fryers available with special taps for draining to ensure the oil can be easily replaced, to keep your dishes crispy, nutritious and delicious.

Reliable manufacturers for exceptional durability

Before purchasing a fryer, in addition to evaluating your size and power requirements, it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer. Companies that have many years of experience and are recognised throughout the world, such as Palux, Lincat, Bartscher, Fimar, Berta and Primax, offer equipment that is guaranteed to perform well and serve your catering establishment for many years to come.

This is because these manufacturers are constantly investing in improvements to their production process, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the latest technologies and monitoring the ever-changing market needs. The result is industrial fryers that are not only of a high quality, but also functional and durable. This equipment has been specifically designed and adapted for catering establishments. A leading industrial fryer can heat a large quantity of oil quickly, produce large amounts of food every day and ensure uninterrupted operations.

High quality materials for exceptional cleanliness

Another aspect to look at when choosing a fryer for your catering establishment is easy and convenient maintenance. An industrial fryer from a reliable manufacturer will be made of high-quality stainless steel with handles composed of special heat resistant materials. This ensures environmental resistance, combined with excellent quality and durability. Stainless steel is easy to clean, so these devices are extremely simple to maintain.

We also offer our clients fryers with parts that can be cleaned separately, such as removable oil tanks. This means it is even easier to keep your device spotlessly clean.

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