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Professional dishwashers for restaurants, cafés and other catering establishments

Professional dishwashers guarantee not only the impeccable cleanliness of dishes in a catering establishment, but also smoother and more convenient operations in any professional kitchen. These dishwashers need to provide not only a quick but also a premium-quality performance when washing a variety of cutlery and crockery. Therefore, thorough research and deliberation is required when choosing these appliances.

Listed below are the criteria that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a professional dishwasher:

  • the nature and type of catering establishment,
  • expected workload and customer flow,
  • size and layout of the establishment’s premises.

Professional dishwashers – various types

The first thing to consider when choosing a dishwasher is the optimal type. This is necessary for the desired result to be achieved, and for the funds invested in the appliance to really pay off.

Glasswashers are intended for catering establishments that use a lot of glassware in their operations. These devices ensure the impeccable cleanliness of various different glasses, such as shot glasses, beer glasses, and more. Since glassware is fragile, washing glasses requires a professional glasswasher that has a lower water pressure and temperature, as well as exceptional technologies for holding the dishes in the rack. They are designed to deliver the best results when washing glassware, while protecting it from breaking or cracking, and should be suitable for washing even items made of the thinnest glass.

Dishwashers of exceptional compactness and convenience are designed for the catering industry. They are usually chosen for use in restaurants or cafés where there is not a lot of space, but high quality washing results are required. For example, this type of dishwasher is suitable for a café serving approximately 100 dishes an hour. These professional dishwashers deliver efficient and quick results, helping you to serve your customers promptly.

Pass through dishwashers are highly efficient professional appliances that consume relatively little space in the kitchen. They are usually fitted with countertops and pre-rinse sprays, creating the conditions for handling various types of soiled dishes in one area. Pass through dishwashers are ideal for catering establishment that need an efficient and compact dishwasher. Therefore, these appliances are often chosen by commercial kitchens that require extremely large quantities of soiled dishes to be washed quickly and efficiently, in order to serve large customer flows. These professional dishwashers can wash over a thousand plates an hour, with the wash cycle lasting just 2-3 minutes. Pass through dishwashers are highly versatile. They are designed for washing various types of dishware including plates, glasses, mugs, cutlery and more. Additionally, these appliances are designed for the user’s convenience. Large quantities of soiled dishes can be placed inside the appliance and washed as soon as the hood is opened or closed.

Conveyer dishwashers provide an indispensable aid for constantly washing large quantities of dishes. They are designed for those catering establishments serving an extremely large number of customers, which require several lots of dishware to be washed in one wash cycle. The technology used in designing modern conveyor dishwashers not only ensures the quick and efficient management of large amounts of soiled dishes, but also creates an opportunity for this to be done in an economical manner. This is ensured by the high water pressure used in precisely positioned nozzles, and with the double rinsing systems which allows the rinse water to be reused in the initial stage of washing a new load of dishes. This method allows up to a third of the water used by other types of washing appliances to be saved.

Based on the type of loading function, conveyor dishwashers can be categorised into two types – rack conveyors or continuous belt conveyors with dish racks. Rack conveyor dishwashers use plastic racks that the dishes are placed in, which are then positioned on a conveyor belt and attached with special hooks. When using the second type of conveyor dishwasher, the dishware is placed directly onto the conveyor belt and then removed from it.

Another convenient feature of such dishwashers is their maintenance. Separate sections of the conveyor dishwashers have doors, making it much easier to clean the appliances. However, it should be noted that although conveyor dishwashers are highly efficient, they take up a lot more space than regular dishwashers. Therefore, it is essential to take into account the layout of your premises and its suitability for a large dishwasher before choosing such an appliance.

Utensil washers are commercial kitchen appliances designed for washing pans, pots, baking trays, racks, larger cutlery and other kitchen utensils. They are designed for the convenient loading of bulky kitchen equipment. These professional dishwashers feature fast wash cycles, racks that are specially designed to accommodate bulky equipment, and an ergonomic design that allows an employee to work without bending a lot or lifting heavy weights.

Additional equipment

When preparing to purchase a dishwasher, it is important to consider the accessories your dishwasher may require to ensure its efficient and convenient operation in a commercial kitchen. Specific items may be required due to low water pressure, a specific drainage system or other reasons.

  • We recommend choosing a dishwasher with a built-in drainage pump for those seeking to save space in their kitchen and resolve water drainage issues, as a separate dishwasher stand for the same purpose will take up a lot of unnecessary kitchen space. A dishwasher with a built-in drainage pump is ideal when the drainage system is mounted at a higher level, e.g. inside a wall.
  • The integrated chemical dispenser in the dishwasher will help you save money and offers freedom from chemical suppliers. Purchasing this item separately would make you dependant on a supplier, as these appliances are usually designed for the products of a specific supplier.
  • Catering establishments inside homesteads or old town buildings often have an insufficient water stream, which does not meet the requirements for using a dishwasher. This problem can easily be resolved by choosing a dishwasher with a built-in booster pump. Please note that in cases where a dishwasher does not have this built-in accessory, it can be purchased separately. However, it will take up a lot of extra space in your kitchen.

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