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Restaurant equipment – offers recommendations for those seeking the best solutions

Restaurant equipment: How can you make the best choice? What are the important factors to consider? What mistakes should be avoided? And finally, how can you save money? These questions, as well as many others, are important considerations for those planning to renovate or purchase a restaurant, cafe, bar or other catering establishment.

There is a large variety of equipment available for restaurants in Lithuania. Owners can choose from the equipment produced by world-famous and renowned manufacturers, as well as the products of lesser-known companies. Our country also has official representatives of the global manufacturers who offer the latest and the most innovative models. While the competition among equipment vendors allows customers to enjoy attractive prices, the wide range also creates a daunting task for customers wanting to determine which equipment is ideal for their restaurants and best-suited to their needs.

Restaurant equipment – importance of the manufacturer

The manufacturer’s and experience in the market are the most important criteria when choosing restaurant equipment. Companies with many years of experience are known to continuously monitor the ever-changing requirements of the market and customer requirements. They also invest in the latest technologies, which allows these manufacturers to produce restaurant equipment that meets the highest quality standards. When purchasing equipment from a well-known manufacturer, its reliability and longevity are guaranteed.

Furthermore, choosing equipment from a world-renowned company means there will be no issues when warranty maintenance or repairs are required. Spare parts will not take a long time to arrive, as these companies usually have representative offices in various locations and an extensive and expeditious professional maintenance network.

The equipment’s country of origin, i.e. where the equipment was actually manufactured, is also worth taking into consideration. Companies that undertake the manufacturing of their equipment can usually provide products of a higher quality, as they monitor their production processes very carefully and constantly invest in renewals and improvements. Germany is still known for its very high production standards, and the equipment made in this country is highly valued around the world.

Restaurant equipment – capacity and performance

When choosing suitable restaurant equipment, it is also very important to take the capacity into account. This primarily depends on the nature of the catering establishment and the planned customer volume.

If you intend to serve a large volume of customers at one time, powerful cooking equipment is required, but also high-quality refrigeration equipment as well as reliable, powerful and fast dishwashers. In this case, a good choice is three-phase equipment that ensures a faster work pace and smoother operations.

A failure to properly evaluate the capacity of the equipment will result in a poorer work quality, with customers forced to wait for a long time and the reputation of the catering establishment will suffer, which is extremely important for newly established cafés and restaurants.

Conversely, if you are planning to open a small bar or a coffee shop, it would be unwise to spend your money on large, powerful ovens. You do not need to buy equipment with specific functions that you will not use. It is better to invest this money in the quality of your essential equipment.

When it comes to buying the highest quality equipment, this is especially important if you foresee heavy workloads and long hours of uninterrupted work. In such cases, premium class equipment will ensure reliable operations, with better energy efficiency and minimal failures.

Other useful recommendations

Finally, here are some additional insights and recommendations that will help you to make the right choices and save money.

If possible, we recommend testing the restaurant equipment before purchasing it. An equipment vendor will offer this service in an existing catering establishment or in a specially equipped test kitchen. This provides you with a good opportunity to watch equipment and its different functions in action, as well as facilitating the decision about which equipment best suits your needs.

Although we do not usually think about faults when purchasing new equipment, it is worthwhile discussing with the vendor the possibility of using replacement equipment in the event when a repair is needed, or in the case of a failure or other incident. This will allow you to avoid downtime and protect the customers of your catering establishment from any inconvenience.

Our experts recommend assessing the electrical capacity available on your premises before purchasing powerful new equipment. After calculating the workload and your requirements, assess whether the available power supply is enough to ensure the smooth operation of your catering equipment. This will protect you from both additional costs and unnecessary problems.

If you have any questions regarding your choice of equipment or if you would like a professional consultation, do not hesitate to contact the experienced Audores team. We are always ready to answer all of your questions and to find the best solution for your business.