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Modernised ASBER industrial fridges and freezers already in Lithuania

In response to its customer needs, changing market requirements and the development of state-of-the-art technologies, ASBER has updated its range and is now offering refurbished industrial fridges and freezers to caterers. UAB Audores, the company representing this manufacturer in Lithuania, invites you to purchase next-generation refrigeration equipment meeting the highest quality standards.

With the entry into force of the new F-Gas Regulation in the European Union (EU) on 1 January 2020, a large proportion of the refrigerants (freons) used in freezers no longer meet the new standards. All of the upgraded ASBER units are manufactured in accordance with the above regulation, and fully comply with the modern requirements. Industrial fridges and freezers are much more economical and have a significantly reduced environmental impact.

According to representatives of UAB Audores, if you choose to purchase the equipment of a well-known and reliable manufacturer such as ASBER, you will be certain not only about meeting all requirements, but also about the quality of the equipment: “ASBER’s latest refrigeration systems are fully compliant with the highest standards for environmental protection, environmental pollution and energy efficiency, and will therefore continue to be usable in the future. A company that follows and carefully analyses the needs of modern commercial cuisine, and constantly invests in the highest quality and the latest technology. The quality of ASBER equipment is also evidenced by the positive customer feedback and a very low number of recorded technical issues or failures.”

The updated ASBER refrigeration equipment not only features improved technical parameters but also a new design. It is now even more convenient and functional. One major change is that the three standard shelves have been replaced with guide racks, which can be inserted directly into the GN 1/1. This means that the customer no longer needs to purchase extra dishes, as the same GNs can be used for baking and storing items in the fridge or freezer.

UAB AUDORES is the official representative of ASBER in Lithuania, and offers catering companies a wide range of equipment from this manufacturer: standard and double fridges and freezers in different sizes and models, prep counters, ice makers, counter fridges, display fridges and back bar coolers, and if needed, refrigeration units with different temperature modes.

The Spanish company ASBER is a part of the globally successful ONNERA Group. ASBER’s product range consists of refrigeration machines, dishwashers, various equipment for food preparation, etc. This high-quality and durable equipment comes in functional designs for the efficient operation of a commercial kitchen.