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Professional counter fridges for your restaurant

Counter fridges are indispensable items in a professional kitchen. Simply put, it is a fridge with a counter that most bars, restaurants, pizzerias and cafés cannot do without. The main task of the counter fridge is to provide a means of storing products at a cold temperature, and of quickly placing them in the meals you are preparing. Counter fridges are especially useful for catering establishments that produce large quantities of salads, pizzas or sandwiches. In this case, they ensure that the right amount of food is constantly stored at the right temperature and under conditions that meet the existing high hygiene standards.

Commercial kitchens use very different types of counter fridges, depending on the intended production processes, cooking volumes and service flows. The type of counter fridge also depends on how much space there is in the kitchen of the restaurant or catering establishment, and how many products are used for preparing meals.

You can choose between a counter fridge with openable doors (which can also be made of transparent glass) or with pull-out drawers of various sizes. A combination of the different types is also possible. Counter fridges with doors are usually used for storing single ingredients, much like in a fridge. Meanwhile, the pull-out drawers are designed to hold gastro dishes, which are used for storing pre-made product combinations. Some counter fridges even come with a built-in sink. The height of the legs of the counter fridge can be adjusted.

Most modern counter fridges have built-in digital screens and electronic thermostats to help measure and maintain the right temperature. The temperature scale of a counter fridge can also vary. Some of these fridges are intended to store products only at a positive (plus) and others at a negative (minus) temperature. These parameters must be taken into account when planning what foods will be made on the counter, and at what temperature the required ingredients should be kept. The required internal capacity, the material of the fridge body and the various accessories available for the counter fridge also depend on these parameters.

UAB Audores, a company specialising in professional cooking equipment, offers a wide range of counter fridges (and their accessories) in different capacities and sizes, with or without doors or a sink, which are ideal for making pizzas, salads and sandwiches. All the Audores counter fridges are modern, reliable and produced by world-renowned manufacturers, such as Novameta, Asber and CoolHead. That is why our company representatives guarantee that, in all cases, you will receive a high-quality, durable, long-lasting and easy-to-use product that meets the highest environmental, environmental pollution, hygiene and energy efficiency requirements. All the counter fridges sold by Audores are made of high-quality stainless steel, while pizza counters are available with granite or marble countertops.

Audores promises to help find a counter fridge that will best meet your expectations and capabilities, to ensure the smooth operation of your kitchen.