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A good kitchen project guarantees a restaurant’s success

Are you dreaming of opening a restaurant, pizzeria or another type of catering establishment? It could be great if you have the vision, enough passion and the right capital. But do you know where to begin, in order to be certain of avoiding the usual mistakes made by newcomers to this business? It may be hard to believe, but the success of a restaurant depends largely on… a well-designed technology plan for your kitchen that meets all the requirements of the State Food and Veterinary Service.

You will probably agree that the kitchen is the engine of every caterer, and that visitor traffic, satisfaction and, of course, business profitability are most dependent on the kitchen design. How can you design your kitchen properly from the very beginning? How should you select and lay out your equipment, as well as designing the storage, household area, production site, electrical, gas and plumbing connections, and ventilation so that you do not incur additional costs and waste time when changing your plan or when introducing additional communications? How do you properly select and position your kitchen equipment to ensure the efficiency of your kitchen staff, while avoiding mistakes, losses of raw materials and unnecessary movement while working?

UAB Audores, a company specialising in professional kitchen equipment, recommends leaving the process of designing your kitchen to professionals – the technologists working in companies that sell restaurant equipment. According to the Audores technologists, designing a kitchen for every restaurant, café, canteen, bakery or other catering facility begins with discovering the customer’s individual needs and vision.

Simply following the Lithuanian Building Technical Regulations and Hygiene Requirements is not enough. There are no templates to customising your kitchen design. Each case requires an individual technological design, and its preparation requires taking into account the nature and size of the planned catering establishment, the expected customer flows and the variety of dishes.

The Audores technologists offer the whole technological design, including necessary drawings of the premises (storage, household and industrial areas, etc.), the layout of different zones and equipment, as well as plans for the technological flows(raw materials, semi-finished products, cold, hot and sweet dishes, dirty- and clean tableware, personnel). Our professional technologists also prepare designs for connecting hardware to the electricity, gas, plumbing and sewerage systems, as well as drawing up a technological equipment and furniture datasheet, preparing designs of the electricity intake, water intake and wastewater discharge points, creating individual technological ventilation plans and drawings including the walls and doors.