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Quick and healthy lunch in a business centre: mission possible

The demand for a healthy, quick and affordable daily lunch in business centres across the country is booming. The fast pace of life and the need to eat healthier have led to the emergence of a new concept in catering - quick lunch restaurants. These restaurants are offering daily lunches tailor-made for business centres are gaining popularity, and the businessmen operating them are facing the new challenges of continually ensuring the provision of not only diverse and wholesome food, with fast billing and delivery, but also affordable prices.

At the end of 2019, just such a quick lunch restaurant called Lunch Up opened in one of the buildings of the Vilnius Park Town Business Centre. UAB Audores, a specialist in professional restaurant equipment, has implemented solutions in this restaurant that combine efficient food preparation with state-of-the-art food delivery and dishwashing systems. According to the Audores specialists with years of experience, by employing state-of-the-art technology, the restaurant has managed to ensure an ordering and delivery cycle that takes one-and-a-half minutes at most. This allows the operators to significantly improve the customer experience at the restaurant and to provide a high quality service to about 250 people in one hour.

Catering in business centres is usually only focused on the daily lunch. This means that almost all daily orders are placed between 12 pm and 2 pm. Therefore, the large-scale production is intense and quite short, as it only lasts until the end of lunchtime. It is very important that all the cooking equipment is running at full capacity and without interruption during that time. For this restaurant, the management chose high-end professional cooking equipment from PALUX, ASBER, Bertos, Zanussi and other world-renowned manufacturers. In this way, the lunch restaurant manages to provide a large variety of dishes and a menu that changes every day, which is especially important for guests who eat lunch in the same place every day.

“Fast lunch does not mean a fast food restaurant. Customers come here to eat good food made from high-quality fresh, carefully selected products, without the use of semi-finished products or artificial additives,” the representatives of Audores noted.

Modern equipment has also been selected for the food delivery line. At the Lunch Up restaurant, fast delivery of meals is ensured by warmers manufactured by Novameta. “A smart ordering system is a must-have for a convenient catering, and a very important step,” Audores emphasised. When the customer orders food at a terminal, prompt delivery of the ordered food must be ensured in the production area.

In order to provide good quality service to a large number of people in a short amount of time, it is essential to ensure the required amount of tableware and cutlery is available. That is why the specialists have selected the powerful dishwashers and pass-through washers manufactured by ASBER. They allow perfectly prepared dishes to be available, ready to be used for new orders after a washing cycle of just a few minutes.