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Modern convection ovens to save time and space in the kitchen

If you work in the restaurant business or in other mass catering institution that produces large quantities of food at one time, you will agree that the most important purchase for a modern commercial kitchen is a convection oven. Gas or electric, bigger or smaller – it all depends on your needs, but today neither a modern restaurant nor the catering industry can do without them. Convection ovens are used in commercial kitchens every day, for cooking, preparing or defrosting large quantities of food. Not only do they shorten the meal preparation time, “memorise” previously-created and saved cooking programmes, and ensure even cooking of the food, but they also reduce energy costs.

One device for all cooking methods

Today, UAB Audores, a company specialising in sales of professional cooking equipment, is offering the latest generation of combined convection ovens that will allow you to not only to bake, cook, steam or use Sous-vide technology, but also to employ various combinations of these cooking methods. Instead of using separate steamers alongside a regular convection oven, you can opt for a single, versatile modern kitchen appliance, called a combination convection oven. Many professional chefs would confirm that using this advanced kitchen appliance saves significant cooking time and space in the kitchen.

Remote operation

The Audores specialists note that the latest generation of convection ovens is characterised by an extremely convenient operations. Electronic control panels allow the user to monitor the temperature and time, and to save various cooking programmes. In addition, these convection ovens can be controlled remotely, which is especially important for the owners of kitchens in remote areas of the country. In the event of a malfunction, the problem is diagnosed immediately. When the system is connected via wireless internet, the fault identification code is immediately visible to the manufacturers of convection ovens in Italy or Germany and to our qualified Audores specialists, who will then be ready to arrive on site with the necessary spare parts. This ensures a quick solution to the problem anywhere in Lithuania. This is particularly relevant to the catering sector, schools, kindergartens, care homes, etc., where large quantities of food must be provided regularly, several times a day, and there is usually no time spare to wait for a technician to arrive.

How to choose the right one

How to choose the right convection oven Audores advises customers, first of all, to admit that convection ovens are the most necessary, indispensable and probably the most expensive piece of equipment they will use for food production. Often, although not directly, the success of your restaurant, café or other catering business will depends on it. Since convection ovens are used in commercial kitchens almost every day, it is necessary to ensure their smooth operation; therefore, it is recommended to choose a durable, long-lasting convection oven. Probably the most important criteria when choosing a convection oven are the ease of use, intuitive operations and simple maintenance. Audores recommends choosing a convection oven designed specifically for commercial use by the following experienced, professional and world-renowned companies: German PALUX, Italian ZANUSSI, PIRON and PRIMAX.